Our Achievements in 2022

AED 0 Million spent on Humanitarian Aid & Relief initiatives in 2022
0 Million beneficiaries of Humanitarian Aid & Relief initiatives in 2022
AED 0 Million in urgent relief sent by His Highness to Pakistan in 2022
0 Projects providing clean drinking water implemented by the UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia) by the end of 2022
0 Million meals distributed by the UAE Food Bank in 2022

Humanitarian Aid and Relief

Humanitarian Aid and Relief is of exceptional importance to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, reflecting its core mission as an overarching entity of humanitarian entities and initiatives that seek to improve lives and deploy necessary resources and capacities to alleviate all kinds of suffering across the world. The fundamental pillar aims to provide urgent aid and effective emergency relief to communities affected by natural disasters, wars and other crises, in addition to implementing sustainable long-term development projects and programmes that improve lives of communities facing challenges such as poverty and conflict.

Entities dedicated to Humanitarian Aid and Relief