Arab Hope Makers

“We invest in hope making because it is the most profitable investment for the future of the Arab world” Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Arab Hope Makers initiative embodies the essence of MBRGI’s work to institutionalize hope and philanthropy as a culture and lifestyle through programs that help improve the quality of life and invest in the human capital.

The Arab Hope Makers seeks to honor philanthropists who dedicate their lives to serving others and making a positive difference in their communities. The initiative celebrates philanthropic efforts that fight despair and pessimism, addressing critical social and economic challenges that hinder progress. It acknowledges humanitarian and social projects that empower those in need and alleviate suffering and poverty by helping people build productive communities.

The initiative honors volunteers, individuals and non-profit organizations that carry out innovative social, economic, cultural and educational initiatives dedicated to serve a particular segment of the society and improve people’s lives.

The second edition of the Arab Hope Makers attracted over 87,000 participants, up from the previous year’s 65,000 applications. Arab Hope Makers receive Dh1 million in recognition for their philanthropic efforts.

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