The Apple of Her Eye

Aleema, 35, relies on a wooden stick to help her move about as she suffers from a physical impairment in one of her legs. To make matters worse, she lost her eyesight four years ago. These issues left her incapable of working, thus making it impossible to provide for her family or afford medical treatment.

Aleema lives in Ghana with her 20-year-old daughter, who studies and helps her mother with her daily tasks while also taking care of her own child.

Aleema’s daughter described how dramatically her life changed after her mother lost her sight: “When my mother’s condition began to deteriorate, I had to miss many days of school. After she completely lost her sight, I had to take my daughter to school with me because my mother could not take care of her. I ended up dropping out altogether, as we were no longer able to support ourselves, let alone bear any additional burdens and costs.”

Fortunately, the family’s suffering was short-lived. Aleema visited Noor Dubai’s mobile eye camp in Ghana and underwent cataract surgery, which restored her vision. Thanks to the Foundation’s efforts in providing free care and treatment to patients with eye disease, Aleema and her daughter’s lives have vastly improved.

Not only did Noor Dubai help Aleema regain her eyesight, but also allowed her to see her granddaughter – the apple of her eye – for the first time.