Renewed Hope at Work

Lalku Shaikh, 48 years old, lives in Bangladesh. For more than 30 years, he has worked in construction in order to provide for his five sons.

His world suddenly fell apart when he lost his job due to an eye disease, which rendered him incapable of performing his duties at work.

Lalku struggled to find a new job given his health condition, but he never gave up. He did whatever he could to support his family, including taking on small farm jobs such as tending animals, helping with the harvest and selling crops. However, his eye condition prevented him from carrying out his work properly.

As soon as Lalku learned that there was a Noor Dubai mobile eye camp near his home, he signed up immediately to receive treatment.

The medical team at the camp examined Lalku, diagnosed his condition and provided him with the treatment he needed. This treatment saved his eyesight, enabling him to once again do the work he was skilled at and carry on living his life.

Thanks to Noor Dubai, Lalku’s vision is no longer an obstacle to securing a decent job that will allow him to better provide for his family.