Like Son, Like Father

Mazen El Helwani, from Lebanon, began his journey into the field of programming when he noticed that his son, Najeh, was immersed in the digital world behind the screens of his smartphones and computers. This prompted Mazen to see for himself what was happening in this virtual realm, eventually leading him to develop 11 applications that are now available on the Google Play store.

When Mazen asked his son about programming, Najeh convinced him that it is not limited to a certain age group or educational or professional background. It is an inspiring discipline that enhances skillsets and allows people to bring their dreams to life.

Mazen not only encouraged Najeh to follow his passion for programming, but even considered it a great example of perseverance, success and hard work: “Every generation has its geniuses, and you will discover your child’s ingenuity in this field. Support them and don’t obstruct their way.” He decided to follow
in his son’s footsteps and learn how to code himself by participating in the One Million Arab Coders Initiative.

However, Mazen’s programming journey was temporarily put on hold when his mother passed away. He was overtaken by grief, and reading the Holy Quran was the only thing that gave him comfort. He became fascinated with the numerical phenomenon found in the Quran, which reignited his innovative spirit and inspired him to complete his training.

After graduating from the One Million Arab Coders Initiative and determined to create his own unique innovations, Mazen developed his first application, which specialises in Quranic numerology and mathematics. He has since developed an additional 10 applications. Mazen credits his success on his programming journey to his son, Najeh, who he affectionately refers to as his ‘teacher’.