Building Bridges of Love

Young Emirati Yousef Al Mannaei grew up in an insular family and social environment where he did not have many opportunities to interact with people of different nationalities. He often heard inspiring stories about diverse cultures living in harmony with the local Emirati culture, but most of his friends and colleagues were Emiratis, so he never experienced this himself.

All that changed when Yousef volunteered with the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in April 2021 to help with the Centre’s Ramadan activities.

During his time volunteering at the Centre, he enthusiastically shared his Emirati culture and customs with guests from all over the world. The enriching experience was a turning point for Yousef, inspiring him to return after Ramadan as an intern. Within a short time, he became a cultural speaker, sharing his thoughts and ideas with the Centre’s visitors and talking about the legacy of his ancestors through moving stories that build bridges of love between people of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds.

Thanks to his passion for what he does at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, Yousef has become very popular with the Centre’s guests and staff.

After developing his skills, Yousef joined the Centre as a permanent team member, where he continues to share his Emirati culture in his distinct, authentic style.