Noor Dubai’s camp restores Mama Aisha vision, life

Living in the outskirts of Sri Lanka, Aisha Bibi,57, lost her sight after developing cataracts.

The single mother had relied on sewing and embroidery to make a living for her daughter, born with special needs. Thanks Noor Dubai Foundation, Bibi resumed her life after having her vision restored.

Bibi, known as 'Mama Aisha', took up tailoring after her husband abandoned her and her daughter. Her profession has allowed her to support her small family for 18 years before her eye cataract that left her blind and put her life on halt.

But Mama Aisha smiled in the face of adversities. She never lost hope that she will someday see the light again.

Her prayers were answered when Noor Dubai’s mobile camp was rolled out in Sri Lanka. Mama Aisha rushed to receive the help she needed.

Now selling eggs to earn a living, Mama Aisha said: “I prayed for help and after a long wait, I was told about the Noor Dubai camp where I received the necessary treatment to restore my eyesight.”

Since 2008, Noor Dubai has been rolling out campaigns and initiatives as part of its mission to create a world free of blindness.