‘Nabadat’ Gave Rahma Back Her Heartbeat

A few years ago, Rahma Al Tablawi’s parents, hailing from Kafr El Sheikh Governorate in Egypt, noticed that their daughter cried continuously ever since she was born. After visiting a paediatrician, they learned that baby Rahma has congenital heart defects that require a critical corrective surgery. The procedure had a very low success rate and was far more expensive than the family could afford.

Rahma’s parents tried in vain to find help, and their daughter continued to live in pain until she turned six. A ray of hope emerged when Rahma’s father was able to enrol her in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Establishment’s ‘Nabadat’ initiative in Egypt. In 2017, the family was finally able to schedule the urgent surgery Rahma desperately needed. Her father was worried that he might lose his daughter in the operating room, but he was comforted by the professional and highly trained ‘Nabadat’ medical staff who put Rahma at ease and prepared her psychologically for the surgery.

After the six-hour operation, Rahma was transferred to the intensive care for some time, before moving to a regular room. Her parents were overcome with joy at the success of Rahma’s surgery and the knowledge that their daughter would not have to live in pain any longer.

More than three years after the surgery, Rahma is now looking forward to living a long life full of joy and success. Her cheerful smile brightens up the day, and her parents will forever be grateful to ‘Nabadat’ for giving their little girl back her heartbeat.