How Al Jalila Foundation Changed the Lives of Three Sisters

Noor, Aisha and Rimsha’s parents are overjoyed now when they hear their daughters reciting the Quran, speaking fluently and interacting with others around them, after being born deaf.

Since 2017, Afdal, the girls’ father, had been searching for ways to restore his daughters’ hearing, until he was introduced to cochlear implants, a cutting-edge technology which offers a permanent solution for hearing impairment. Unfortunately, the high-priced treatment was an unattainable dream for the family, who have lived in the UAE since 2005.  

Nevertheless, the family never gave up. They approached Al Jalila Foundation in hopes to get the implants for the three little girls.

In no time, Al Jalila Foundation approved the cochlear implant for the youngest daughter, Noor, who was six at the time. She was chosen first as implants have higher success rates and faster results for younger patients.

Noor improved rapidly after receiving her cochlear implant. She soon joined a school with other kids her age and did not show any signs of cognitive or social delay, despite the fact that she lived in complete silence for the first six years of her life.

“The happiest day of my life was when we received the approval for the cochlear implant for our daughter,” the girls’ mother said. “The implant was a priceless gift that drastically changed our lives forever.”

Al Jalila Foundation did not leave the older sisters behind, who relied on lip-reading to communicate. Aisha and Rimsha also received cochlear implants, and now the three girls are living their lives to the fullest, making happy memories and planning for a brighter future.