Spreading Knowledge

The need to disseminate knowledge

One out of every five people worldwide is illiterate. About 17% of the world adult population lacks the minimum reading and writing skills; two-thirds of these (493 million) are women. Youth illiteracy reached about 122 million people, of whom women account for about 60.7%. Around 67 million children around the world have no access to primary education, while 72 million drop out of secondary education.

The blight of illiteracy goes beyond the issue of being unable to read or write. It is one of the main causes of unemployment, high crime rates and the collapse of public health. It is a major contributor to the rising rates of oppression of women, not to mention the economic pressure it places on the global economy - the skyrocketing cost of illiteracy has surpassed 1.2 trillion USD. Even among those who can read and write, readership and publishing rates are dropping, especially in the Arab world where specialists believe illiteracy and a lack of readership are a root cause of the dramatic decline in the skilled use of the Arabic language.

In this field, MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM GLOBAL INITIATIVES uses its initiatives and its affiliates to provide resources to create innovative and effective methods to provide children around the world with education, disseminate knowledge, and support language. Its rationale is that fighting illiteracy is a key element for development, enhancing people’s lives, and improving their relationship with the world around them. The number of beneficiaries in this sector reached more than 15 million people in 58 countries.

What we aim to achieve

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives seeks to support education, disseminate knowledge, encourage the research and spread of knowledge, and provide children with healthy learning environment free of disease and its causes. The initiatives in this sector have been responsible for the construction 2,126 schools around the world, training 400,000 teachers, distributing and printing more than 3.2 million books, translating 1,000 knowledge-based books, encouraging millions of students in the Arab world to read 50 million books a year and sustaining Arabic language support initiatives.

What we achieved so far


Schools built worldwide


teachers trained

10 million

children benefited from educational initiatives

3.2 million

Books printed and distributed

How we disseminate knowledge

The affiliated institutions working on the dissemination of knowledge

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