Entrepreneurship and innovation for the future

The need to support entrepreneurship and innovation for the future

The serious challenges in our Arab communities and the world are not limited to poverty, disease, illiteracy and violence. They are also reflected in ambitious, well-educated young people, unable to find support to start their march on the road to success; or governmental employees who lack the incentive to unleash their untapped potential to serve society, or innovative minds who may not find the adequate resources to develop ideas that could provide true solutions to regional and global challenges.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives focuses on developing communities through the education of leaders specialised in good governance, supporting the development of leadership among youth, providing integrated incubators to support innovators, and relying on research and innovation, being some of the most important tools necessary for changing the future of societies.

What we aim to achieve

Through its affiliates, the Initiatives trains and supports 23,000 young entrepreneurs, and provides support for 3000 companies that employ more than 160,000 employees. The Initiatives further train officials and leaders from 155 governmental organisations from various countries around the world, in order to develop the governmental mindset and raise the level of public services. In addition, it has also invested 1 billion AED to create an integrated environment to serve creative innovators locally, regionally and globally through the Museum of the Future.

What we achieved so far


young entrepreneursnurtured


companies employing over 160,000 people supported


government entities worldwide received leadership training


(in AED) to be invested in creating innovation incubators


How we invent into the future and support leadership

Affiliated institutions working on future innovation and leadership

Strategic Partners